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  • Substance Abuse

    Why me? How did my life get this way? ...

    I am not the one with the problem but I am the one looking for help...

    I am angry, sad, and frustrated... No one really understands what I am going through...

    Maybe I do have some issues that need to be addressed...

    Any of these sound familiar?  It may be comforting to know that you are not alone.  And you no longer need to face these problems alone.

    These feelings have often been expressed by our clients who may or may not have had substance abuse problems.  If substance abuse and addictions are complicating your life directly or indirectly, we have the clinical training and experience to help you. We provide therapy not just for the user of chemical substances but also for loved ones who have been affected by this destructive behavior.

  •  Individual Sessions





    Individual Sessions: Adults

    Man at crossroads trying to decide on the right direction•You may currently be attending a 12-Step program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, yet you may be looking for more individual attention than these group meetings provide.

    •Perhaps group formats are not for you but you are still looking for help.

    •Maybe you are mandated or it has been strongly recommended that you seek help or else…You know the consequences.

    Regardless of the reason, the chances are we have seen it before and we have the expertise to help you choose the right path.  It has been our experience that those who seek individual therapy, as well as attending group meetings, have the best outcomes.

    Individual Sessions: Adolescents

    Group of adolescents smiling Just say the word “adolescents” and one’s emotions for some start churning.  It is a time of significant physical change, especially in brain development. Mix these biological changes in an environment of potent drugs, social media, cyber bullying, active sexual behaviors, and ever changing peer pressures, it is not uncommon for families to  struggle.

    Adolescents and their families come to treatment for these and other issues. With so many negative distractions today, adolescents often make mistakes that at times have significant consequences. Some of the serious consequences may involve school, the law, and/or drug abuse. With proper guidance, the family can get through these difficult times, together, as family.

    Individual Sessions: Family/Partner/Friends

    Mother, Father and Daughter happy and smiling togetherNo sugar-coating here.

    Loved ones of a substance abuser often feel helpless when dealing with the drug related chaos that exists in their lives.  All attempts to “fix” the problem have failed.  Emotions run high, communications breakdown, and a new dreadful fear sits quietly in the back of the minds of all those who care.   Relationships and personal mental health are often affected.

    These very real, overwhelming and what seems as hopeless situations, are addressed and treated with new coping tools. There are no easy solutions and no magic formulas. It takes a lot of hard work but the work put forth can lead to more personal growth, stability, and serenity, regardless of the substance abuser’s status.

  • Group Sessions

    Gateway Counseling Session Room set up for a group session, with comfortable couch and chairsGateway provides a weekly Substance Abuse Group and a Caring Group.  Each Group consists of up to eight peer support group members.  Each group session lasts about 90 minutes.

    Some group members prefer a group format because they receive more therapy time at a lower cost than that of an individual private session. Some group members are just more comfortable with the dynamics of a group.   Some individuals also choose to seek individual treatment sessions to supplement their group experience.

    Substance Abuse Groups

    Caring Groups

    Substance Abuse Groups

    Group members may be at various stages in their recovery. Some members may have or are currently attending 12-Step recovery meetings. Others may have recently completed an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and are looking to continue their group therapy. Advantages of the Gateway group include: a meeting run by a licensed therapist, an opportunity for clinically-monitored cross-talk, whereby group members can give immediate feedback to another member's sharing comments, and an opportunity to develop new healthy relationships.

    Gateway fully endorses attending many different support groups. No one group can provide everything an individual needs. Gateway encourages the ongoing journey to self-efficacy.

    Caring Groups

    This group is for those who have a loved one struggling with substance abuse.   Similar to the Substance Abuse Group, some members may have 12-Step experience, while others may not.  The advantages are also similar to those of the Substance Abuse Group.  Additionally, members of the Caring Group quickly realize that they are not alone in the fear they have for their loved one’s well being.

    Gateway fully endorses attending many different support groups. No one group can provide everything an individual needs. Gateway encourages the ongoing journey to self-efficacy.

  • Substance Abuse Assessments

    Close-up of therapist taking notesIt is common for the Courts and/or School Systems to request a mental health and substance abuse assessment for clients who have gotten into trouble for substance abuse-related issues. Our assessments are very thorough, exploring the patient’s background leading up to the specific incident. Education, employment, family history, personal interests, abuse, drug and alcohol usage, past psychiatric and substance abuse treatments, and a current mental status examination are all included in the assessment.

    Once the evaluation is complete and the proper releases are signed, a letter is sent to all interested parties requested by the client. All court-related clients requesting an assessment with a subsequent letter need to schedule the appointment at least ten business days prior to any court appearances. Letters to schools are mailed within three days of the appointment.

    The assessment fee includes the complete psychosocial evaluation and a credentialed letter, if needed. Court appearances are additional.


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