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Mental HealthThe Gateway Center for Counseling and Recovery is licensed to treat both mental health and substance abuse clients. Life presents challenges to us everyday that can affect us as an individual, a relationship partner, and/or as a family member. At times, these stressors can become overwhelming. Sometimes  seeking a little extra help is all that is needed to feel better.  We are here to help, when you need it.

  • Individual Counseling

    Woman in serene yoga pose on a beach with words written in sand reading Work/Life BalanceWe believe there is no “cookie cutter” approach to treatment. As the name implies, therapy is individualistic based on the needs of the client and using an appropriate therapy style that has proven most effective. Individual therapy involves establishing a therapeutic relationship with your counselor to help create a well-balanced lifestyle and an opportunity for personal growth.

    People often come to therapy for depression, anxiety, resolving past trauma, substance abuse issues and/or addressing other conflicts. Individual sessions are available for both adolescents and adults. Clients learn to set healthy boundaries as they work to improve their self-esteem.

  • Family Therapy

    Healthy family relationships are important for individual well-being.  At times, conflicts arise which seem overwhelming and require outside help to resolve. The therapist provides ways for family members to improve their interpersonal communication skills. Family members learn to express their feelings in a non-judgmental way that strengthens the family bond. To supplement the family sessions some individual family members may choose to schedule individual sessions.  Family struggles often involve:

    Inter-racial family happy and smilingDivorce

    Relationship conflicts

    Blended families


    Substance abuse

    Mental health issues

    You are not alone in your family conflicts.  There is no need to face these issues on your own.  Give us a call and set up your appointment.

  • Marriage/Couples Counseling

    Healthy relationships take hard work.  Sometimes the closeness that once existed seems to have faded.  The fact that you are reading this might suggest that you have interest in strengthening your partner relationship. Our therapists will help you rediscover the attraction that first brought you together.  Areas that are often addressed include:

    A happy couple with arms around each other smiling Lack of intimacy

    Sexual incompatibility

    Substance abuse


    Job loss/Finances


    Communication breakdown

    Some partners schedule individual sessions in addition to the couple counseling, if they feel it would be helpful.

  • Individual and Family Grief and Bereavement Counseling

    Grief and bereavement affect all of us at sometime. It is important to “feel the feelings”  of the loss and learn new coping skills to continue to live a healthy lifestyle. Losses can be for many reasons:


    Death of a loved one

    Anticipated death of a love one

    Loss of a relationship

    Death of a pet

    Loss/change of job

    Loss of health

    Loss of financial security


    It can be difficult to manage these feelings on your own. We are certified by the Association Death Education and Counseling in Thanatology Counseling (also known as grief and bereavement counseling). We can help you not to forget your loss but to live your life productively, while acknowledging the loss.


    “Grief comes in two parts.   The first is loss.  The second is the remaking of life”

    — Anne Roiphe

  • Substance Abuse Grief and Bereavement Group

    It is difficult to lose a loved one but coping with the loss often becomes more difficult because of the social stigma associated with substance abuse.  Too often the survivors feel they are being judged or stared out as unfit family members or friends.


    The Gateway Center for Counseling and Recovery offers a peer support group meeting that is professionally run by a licensed counselor specifically for those who lost a loved one from drugs and/or alcohol. Group members find comfort being with others who understand the unique challenges associated with this kind of loss.  Members are not clients of the practice. The meetings are open to the public but members must call to register due to space limitations.  We are happy to provide this much needed service to the community.


    “Grief comes in two parts.   The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life.”

    — Anne Roiphe

    “Tears are the silent language of grief.”

    — Voltaire

    "If you surprise grief too much, it can redouble."

    — Moliere



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