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Thomas Dwyer, MA, LPC, LCADC, CT

Executive Director

Tom is the founder of The Gateway Center for Counseling and Recovery. He is a licensed mental health therapist (LPC-Licensed Professional Counselor) with a specialist’s license in drug and alcohol counseling (LCADC) and Certified Thanatologist (CT-grief and bereavement counselor).

Tom brings a unique blend of diversified life experiences to his counseling profession. Tom retired early from a corporate Wall Street and banking career during which he witnessed and survived the devastation of substance abuse from a professional, friends and family perspective. Motivated by these life-changing experiences and his desire to help others, Tom chose to go back to graduate school and become a licensed therapist, specializing in addictions and grief counseling.

While attaining his licenses, Tom committed his clinical training to inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, treating both adult and adolescent males and females. Tom has worked over 13 years helping parents and families deal with a loved one suffering from chemical addiction and the occasional devastating consequences associated with this disease. During this time, as a professional and as a volunteer, he provided counseling, education and peer support. Tom has been a member of the Daytop Village NJ Family Association Board of Directors for 10 years and he has served as one of its presidents.

Professional Credentials and  AffiliationsLicensed Professional Counselor (LPC)Licensed Clinical and Alcohol Counselor (LCADC)Certified Thanatologist (CT)Board of Advisors Fairleigh Dickinson University Clinical Mental Health Counseling ProgramMember of American Counseling AssociationMember  of New Jersey Counseling AssociationMember of the Daytop NJ Family Association Board of DirectorsMember of the Association of Death Education and CounselingClinical and Other Professional ExperiencePrivate practice specializing in mental health, substance abuse, and grief and bereavementHigh Focus CentersDaytop Village NJ (both as clinician and volunteer)Treatment DynamicsSummit Oaks Hospital25 + years Wall Street and Banking ExperienceOther CounselorsThrough close professional relationships with other licensed counselors, additional therapists may collaborate with group and individual treatment sessions.All counselors in our practice must have a mental health or social worker license issued from the State of New Jersey.  Additionally, they must have a New Jersey license to treat substance abuse and are required to have a minimum of three years of practical experience in the mental health and/or substance abuse field.

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Thomas Dwyer, MA, LPC, LCADC

"I have known Tom  for over ten years. I have enjoyed working with him. He has helped so many families and individuals move forward with their lives. He is extremely passionate and professional in this field. Tom provides Best Practices level of care."

"I recommend him highly!"

John A. Cerrato, LCADC, ICADC

Director of Family Services
Daytop Village New Jersey

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